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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

moving on!

well all good things come to an end. and i've moved, for a preety long time actually, to a new 'location' of sorts to pen down my writing. will update each one of you personally for my new blog link.

au revoir (:

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

exam fever!

i have to cram astronomy & victorian lit. into my brain in less than a week! goodness me. feeling the heat now. must study study study. wish i didn't have to teach tuition later on; could use the time to mug.

even in exam fever, though, one can never pass up the chance to go for free stuff. so wild wild wet, here i come!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

i'm not a barbie girl.

who's game for Henrik Ibsen's The Dollhouse? it's a play, showing 21-23 june with tickets from $20-$80. (being a poor student i'll probably get the $20 ticket.) Ibsen's a playwright from Norway (i think?). It's a play about a political satire played out in a battle between the sexes. the men are played by midgets, such that the women tower over them! Girl Power.

so if anyone's keen, tag me or drop me a message :)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

wild about wilde.

Mrs Cheveley: What do you know about my married life?
Lord Goring: Nothing. But I can read it like a book.
Mrs. Cheveley: What book?
Lord Goring: The Book of Numbers.
Lord Goring: I am glad you have called. I am going to give you some good advice.
Mrs Cheveley: Oh! pray don't. One should never give a woman anything she can't wear in the evening.
Lord Goring: Oh, I should fancy Mrs Cheveley is one of those very modern women of our time who find a new scandal as becoming as a new bonnet, and air them both in the park at five-thirty. I am sure she adores scandals, and that the sorrow of her life at present is that she can't manage to have enough of them.

- Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband

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Friday, March 30, 2007


today's daring dinner escapade: coffee club! my old workplace. (but not the same outlet.) memories of wearing that horrid thick uniform came flooding back to me. but how the menu & the food presentation has changed, changed utterly. (i borrow this line from a famous poet; forgot who. haha! maybe yeats.)

lookit this. it's my smoked salmon garlic cream linguini. never has coffee club food been presented in so 'high-class' a fashion when i worked there. anyways, it's superblo humongouso wondrouso! the rolls of salmon make an intriguing sport in dinner besides the endless twirling of pasta.

after-dinner treat was muddy mud pie! of which the size was unchanged (unfortunately). the punk, afore mentioned in "Close Encounter with Iranian Foreigners", enjoyed drowning this Titanic-like ice cream cake in chocolate syrup. too bad i made Titanic collapse on its sides not once, not twice, but FOUR laugh-out-loud times (!) to the horror of the punk. haha. pardon my horrible table manners.

and, while taking pictures with the lovely dessert, i realize i always strike the same pose when with my favourite part of the meal:

my head appears to be always tilted to one side, everytime i take pictures with nice desserts. i think the stress of not digging into it immediately takes a toll on my head too much, eh.

subway cookies made my day too, as they will always. what a blessed, wonderful, enjoyable day! (:

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Monday, March 26, 2007

the sanitised version.

i've not been as conscious of the nameless entities who peruse my blog as i am now. i chance upon people(who i don't deem as friends) who link-me-up without notifying me at all, people who google me, and people who click on others' links to see my 'beautiful' prose.

it's quite a conundrum. on one hand, i'm glad that people do read my blog & appreciate the little bits of humour that occassionally get penned down here. on the other, i feel so confined when i cannot post up personal feelings/occurrences in the fear that the faceless, nameless entities will read it and get into my head or something. but then again, it's always been "a little vagueness here, a little allusion there" for me. still, do ask me if you want to link me, and if i don't know ya that well - read it and weep... well no, read it and keep it to yerself. (:

anyways. had a roaring good time at starbucks today! Hangman made hanging out real fun. (ha. are you getting the hang of it?) well, i should go hang up my boots now. it's too late to hang around blogging. and i won't let myself hang it all out. If you wanna hang on to my every word in this blog...

hang in there, dudes & dudettes. goood night! =D

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Friday, March 23, 2007

the essential question.

i forgot this funny encounter that happened yesterday! we (me and someone who i shall term the punk) were having dinner and this family of foreigners were dining next to us. suddenly a hand stretches over the shoulder of the punk:

Man: Helloo how are you? (Or something to that effect)
the punk: (stunned) oh good, good!
me (shocked & laughing): [still voiceless here]
Man: You're from Japun (Japan)?
the punk: no, no, Singaporean!
Man: huh..? wat's zat?
the punk: oh, Singapore, Singapore...
Man: ahhh i zee! we're from Iran.
[smiles and nods exchanged.]
the punk & me: ohh, Iran! okay.
Man: so, how old are YOU? (points to me)
me (amidst immediate laughter from the punk): err.. i'm twenty-one..?
Man: Woh! tweenty-one? (looks at wife and gestures.)
me: oh so how old is your daughter?
[daughter is tall, wears makeup, and would look 19 in s'pore.]
Man: oh sixteen..and YOU? (points to the punk)
the punk: heh.. erm twenty-two.
Man: wohh! twenty-two (he tells his wife)

after this he asked us what we were studying, and told us he went to Britain to study English, as I am now. interesting.
and with the essential question that was popped at me (by a curious foreigner no less), i am reminded of my eternal youthful aspect. hooray..i guess. o_O

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what a (wonderful) day!

finallyyy my two essays are over & done with! hooray. well, i received some help with my essay, which was about the problem of 'untouchability' in the Indian caste system. This is what the oh-so-helpful fella wrote (and it merits an A*) :

i do hope my prof enjoys my essay with such insightful comments as this one here.

anyways, i headed to school today (thurs) and chanced upon... my doppelganger!! (no jing & lam it's NOT the doppelganger from meridian with the nugget bag. what a nightmare that was!)

this is me clad in shorts and the cutest tee [little yellow birds tt look like mango pudding] and jacket. the red line between my legs is just..WRONG. ignore please. =X

this is the doppelganger (whose identity shall be kept secret) clad in shorts [hmm!] and what looks like a jacket but is in actual fact a long-sleeved top which looks like a jacket anyway [hmm hmm!].

and the sweetest surprise of the day: earrings!! love them. one a butterfly, the other a heart. visit http://www.rufflemypigtails.blogspot.com/ for the nicest earrings. (:

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